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Stephanie Schriver

(831) 475-1271

3910 Main Sail Place

Soquel, CA  95073 


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Sometimes a piece begins with an idea stemming from a particularly intriguing photo, or sometimes I photograph models in my studio. I usually take many pictures of a model from all angles, so that I can reference these photos as I am creating the initial sketch. Once I have created the initial sketch from the photos, I will transfer it to Australian sandpaper and develop it's color and design detail.













At Left  "Cello Woman" - Oil on Canvas


Stephanie's most recent series of work is called 'Relating to Music'. Music is a big source of inspiration for Stephanie. Her work is lyrical, and moves like music so it correlates well to this subject matter. She explores the subject of music from the perspective of listener, performer, writer, dancer, or muse. Please contact Stephanie if you are a musician and would like to pose for a piece


At Left: "Jazz Assembly Series 3"




Although Stephanie Schriver is best known for her figurative works, She also finds inspiration from nature and objects of simple beauty

At Left: "Prickly Pear"

Acrylic/Engraving on ClayBoard

Stephanie's use of custom, integrative frames began with her figurative work using pastels on Australian Sandpaper. She wanted to tell more about her subjects and their relationships to each other, by letting the colors and designs spill out onto the frame and therefore weaving a fuller visual story of their multi-dimensional selves, and their lives. If you would like to pose for a portrait, or have one commissioned of a loved one, please contact us for more details.


At Left: "Passion (Soul Mates IV)"

Pastel on Sandpaper / Acrylic paint on Georgian Basswood frame



I design a custom frame for each piece after I have completed the main body of work. In my studio, I have a separate space, where I paint on the unfinished Georgian Basswood frames, to make them an integrated part of the artwork. Sometimes I use acrylic paints, and sometimes I use oils, gold leaf, stains and dyes. I am constantly experimenting with new mediums for the frames. I enjoy this part of the process, and I especially love the finished product- the effect of continuing the piece of art out onto the frame.


At Left: "Shake It!"

Pastel on Sandpaper / Oil paint on Basswood frame


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