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Photo of Scrimshaw Artwork by Anouk Johanna

Detail photo of Polar Bear Mothers and cubs scrimshaw artwork by Anouk Johanna

Detail of "Polar Bear Mothers & Cubs"

Anouk Johanna

P.O. Box 2036

Santa Cruz, CA 95063

831.338-7716      eMail:  Anouk


Anouk Johanna is a Californian artist / teacher working in many different media.

Anouk Johanna is an accomplished painter, pen and ink artist, ceramic sculptor and printmaker as well as a jewelry designer and scrimshaw artist whose work has been sold nationally and internationally for more than 30 years to private collectors through shows and her website as well as through galleries. Her scrimshaw art has been written up in many national and international magazines.

For the last 13 years she has also been a passionate art teacher.



At Left:    "Polar Bear Mothers & Cubs", hand-engraved and painted images on a fossilized walrus "netsinker" (about 5000 yrs old) placed on a handmade Bolivian rosewood stand inlayed with mammoth and fossil walrus ivory.  Not for Sale - Value $3100



Monotype Print by Artist Anouk JohannaMonotype Print by Artist Anouk Johanna

"His Holiness" & Ghost Print



Monotype Print by Artist Anouk Johanna

"Pablo Neruda"



Monotype Print by Artist Anouk Johanna




Monotype Print by Artist Anouk Johanna

"Joyous Moment"



Anouk was privileged to grew up in Amsterdam Holland and already knew as a young child she was going to be an artist. In Amsterdam she was exposed to world class art and early on  she showed signs of a multitude of talents in visual as well as performing arts.  Her parents fully supported and encouraged her.

She studied drama as well as costume and textile design and was part of a traveling theater group before she started studying sculpture at the prestigious Rietveld Akademie.

In 1969 she was offered an opportunity to travel to the USA to study sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in Brooklyn, New York. There she met and married an American sculptor.They traveled and lived all over the US and in Holland and had two daughters.
In Amsterdam they bought an old sailboat where they lived a romantic life as true bohemian artists and made art even when the children were very small.


In 1971 they moved back to New York City and Anouk   created large fiber art wall hangings for several years.


In 1975 her husband and she, now living in L.A., learned to be silversmiths and started selling their jewelry at Arts and Crafts Fairs. This was a more lucrative way to raise a family than as sculptors.

It was at the Californian Art Fairs that they were first introduced to the art of "scrimshaw" (engraving and inking of images on ivory or bone) and began to create their own scrimshaw pieces happy to be able to combine sculpture and drawing skills.


In 1980, after a divorce, Anouk, settled with her daughters  in Santa Cruz CA where she started taking classes at Cabrillo College and studied painting, drawing, jewelry, printmaking and art history wmeanwhile continuing to sell her scrimshaw jewelry.

In the next 25 years she built up a large national and international following of collectors of her scrimshaw art.


In her spare time however she painted and drew and after taking a month long Monotype Printmaking workshop with Howard Ikomoto she completely fell in love with this form of printmaking.  Afterwards she started taking workshops with well known artists like John Maxon and Joseph Zirker.



Monotype Print by Artist Anouk Johanna

"Like Mindedness"


Monotype Print by Artist Anouk Johanna

"The Bed"


Monotype Print by Artist Anouk Johanna

"Yellow Submarine"



Of monotype Anouk says: “It was love at first sight because you can incorporate so many other media with it, experiment, discover and develop new and unique techniques continuously. When you pull a monotype print from the press it often looks like something else intervened in the process. I think it is this transformative aspect that I like so much about monotype. It continuously shows you new directions to take  with your artwork and it is a relatively fast process in comparison to pure painting.”


A monotype is a one-of-a-kind  image that has been printed from a plate that has a completely smooth surface and has no repeatability to it other than a ghost. A monoprint  is also a one-of-a-kind print from a plate but has a matrix on it like a stencil, an engraving, a collographic element etc. which can be repeated in the next print. It can also be an etching plate, woodcut, collograph etc. that has been inked in differently to obtain a new look.




Watercolor painting by artist Anouk Johanna

"Fall in the Mountains",

Watercolor,  $200, no mat & frame

Watercolor by Anouk Johanna


"Purple Iris" watercolor by California artist Anouk Johanna

"Purple Iris"



In 2000 she started teaching art to children as well as adults at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center utilizing all her experience in the different art forms she had studied and excelled in over the years.

"If you want to learn how to teach art start teaching children. They are honest, direct, challenging, critical and very close to the "Creative Source"...


When teaching adults she loves to share her passion for and knowledge of art with her students and feels that teaching art is as creative as making art.

"They complement and inspire each other. We are all on a sacred creative journey we love to share with like minded people".

Anouk has been teaching watercolor painting, drawing, watercolor collage (to name a few) and mixed media to adults for the last 5 years in which she incorporates monotype printmaking as a way to start a painting as well as infuses watercolor with mixed media.  She finds it to be a wonderful way of passing on techniques and exchanging ideas.

Her adult classes take place every Wednesday at the Live Oak Senior Center in Santa Cruz (with her own students) and at the Capitola  Community Center in Capitola on Fridays and privately.
She teaches children's classes through the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center.

For more info on her classes or her method of teaching watercolor please contact her at

call her at 831-338-7716 or contact


Please click on the thumbnails below to view larger images

Watercolor painting by artist Anouk Johanna

 "The Bee keeper"




Watercolor painting by artist Anouk Johanna





Watercolor painting by artist Anouk Johanna





Watercolor portrait "Jade" by California artist Anouk Johanna



"Cathy" watercolor portrait by artist Anouk Johanna



Private Collection


Watercolor painting by artist Anouk Johanna

 "Pine Crest Drive"




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