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Keli, aka Shirley Hudson, Artist, Painter, information page

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Shirley Hudson


(831) 425-8754

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My form of art is reverse painting on glass – not the fine-lined delicate paintings of long ago but big, chunky, irreverent and bawdy paintings.  They are intended to make you smile and maybe even chuckle.  I am fascinated by the general goofiness of life – my subject matter is always people. 

Painting by Shirley Hudson, aka Keli

Reverse painting suits me perfectly.  The technique is very challenging as I paint on one side of the glass and view it from the other.  I am forced to turn my thinking process around.  Instead of applying layers of paint to a canvas and finishing with highlights, such as the gleam in the eyes, I must start with the highlights and then work backward from there.  It is fairly fast because once I lay down paint, it doesn’t move – I’m pretty much stuck with it.  I usually paint on old windows.  They have such character and I love the rusted out old hardware attached.  They seem to lend themselves to my big, chunky subject matter, not to mention the fact that they come with their own


Painting by Shirley Hudson, Keli

Painting by Shirley Hudson

Painting by Shirley Hudson, aka Keli
Painting by Shirley Hudson, aka Keli

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